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l o v e l y  d a y  t r i o.

There's a certain ambience that a classy and tasteful live jazz trio creates. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a well-made drink in an exquisite venue as you celebrate your special event. Lovely Day Trio encapsulates a vibe like no other. Fronted by soulful songstress Phoebe Day, the trio covers a large repertoire of contemporary and classic jazz, soul and RNB music. Phoebe captivates her audience with an unmistakable and sophisticated vocal, leaving them with a performance they won’t soon forget. Featuring the virtuosic talents of keyboardist Mike Pensini (Deni Hines, James Morrison) and saxophonist Joel Sena (Deana Martin, Lionel Cole), Lovely Day Trio promises to create a truly remarkable and unforgettable atmosphere through song.